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Our Mission

On-Site Discovery Meetings

One on one discovery meetings to review client objectives and ensure a clear understanding of the project scope and details.

Audit / Analysis

Review clients’ existing marketing materials and communications to determine strengths and any shortcomings. Prior to engagement, we prepare a budget and make every effort to meet clients' budgets to maximize their marketing objectives.


Upon engagement, we prepare an integrated marketing program that includes all aspects of the project, and assist our client in their marketing strategy execution. (Needs assessment techniques including focus groups, human factor studies, personal consultation with key staff, and interviews are often encouraged prior to product or program launching.)

Communiqué manages, coordinates and assembles professionals only from among the best in their fields to execute a highly calculated, time sensitive marketing program. When it comes to execution, we integrate complementary services to fulfill our clients' marketing goals and objectives. From Photographers, Translators, Marketers, Web Specialists, or Copywriters, no stone is left unturned.


Branding is the perception of a Company's product or service in the consumers mind. A brand literally conveys an emotional attachment in consumers minds via positive attributes, creating differentiation and ultimately a final act that results in a purchase. Effective branding requires diligent strategic planning, a concurrent integrated marketing program focused externally as well as internally with constant monitoring and auditing. Only until the brand is defined can an organization understand its direction and its clear purpose in the marketplace. Corporations spend considerable time and money on branding because it is considered its most valuable asset, greater than its brick and mortar and employees. It is both formidable and the basis from which all marketing is built upon. And as we all know, no organization can exist without an effective brand and marketing.

Did You Know...

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of brands. Some we notice, most we don't. The effectiveness of a brand and its impact is measured by our response to it, emotionally. That's right! Brands move us, emotionally.

A brand, by definition, literally creates an emotional attachment in the consumers mind via positive attributes, creating differentiation and, ultimately, a final act that results in a purchase. Effective brands shape decisions and change consumer behavior.

We deliver creative, insightful design that can shift paradigms, elevate your brand and position it where it needs to be...in the consumer's mind.

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